Sunday, March 1, 2009

Your SHIP has come in!

Your SHIP has come in! This is the moment you've been waiting for, and actually, YOU are the one you've been waiting for all along.

Following the guidance of Spirit, I recently wrote my own wedding vows, to myself, a sort of gesture of committing to my own inner wholeness. After a few days of wearing my new "wedding" ring to remind myself each day of my new promise to myself, I simplified the vows into three very simple things to remember as my commitment each day in my new "marriage". In a nutshell, my new commitment is to my own Spirit (my true self), remembering my own wHoleness, and to choosing my own Inner Peace. I personally think of my wholeness and inner peace as simply my natural state of being.
So now all I remind myself of each time I look at my ring is my own S.H.I.P. :

wHoleness and

In truth, we are the only ones responsible for our own SHIP. No one else can create or dwell in your SHIP let alone steer it and you certainly can't live in someone else's SHIP. Unfortunately many of us learned to "abandon our SHIP" at a very early age as a way to cope with life, or at least just to survive. Of course if we have abandoned our own SHIP, we spend most of our life searching for and reaching for life preservers, something to rescue us. Some clear "signs of shipwreck" (S.O.S.) are feelings of hopelessness or despair, chronic fatigue or illness (it takes a LOT of energy to tread water after abandoning our SHIP), or having no sense of direction or inspiration in life.
The good news is that once you make the commitment to your own SHIP, your Spirit, your wHoleness, and your own Inner Peace, accepting yourself just as you are in this moment, with no resistance to yourself or reaching outside yourself to find peace or a sense of wholeness, life seems to synchronistically sail a little smoother. So if you are still looking for your SHIP to come in, the good news is that your SHIP is only one promise away, to yourself.

For me, these vows are the best thing I can do for myself and my commitment each day fills me with such an empowering feeling of safety, freedom and joy. The other thing I found out by doing this is that by finally committing to my own spirit, wholeness and inner peace, I am also making a commitment to the One Infinite Spirit, wHoleness and Infinite Peace that guides our every moment and that made our 'SHIPs'. I guess you could call it the "Mother SHIP". (heh heh :)

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