Thursday, September 20, 2007


“It’s who you are, not what you do” (that ‘manifests’ your ‘life’ here.)

Since there is actually no ‘real’ cause and effect, as everything happens simultaneously, ( time is an invention/illusion of the mind), you are not the cause of your ‘life situation’ or problems. And you are not at the effect of the apparent ‘forces’ in the world. (unless of course you direct your thoughts, and energy in believing that you are)

Life streams. Not ‘life force’. Easy flow. Not pushed.
Being is your journey here. If you want to change something in your apparent life situation, change the thoughts you are Being. It’s that simple.

Who you are is what ‘manifests/reveals’ your life, if you let it. Mostly we do not allow our true selves to Be here simply because we have learned how to not trust.

A very long time ago a deep fear crept into the human condition when (as spirit) it began to fully experience this 3D world and experience itself AS form. That is, it began to identify itself as the form it was expressing to experience. Eventually it believed itself to Be the human form and a human mind and soon after began to feel a separation from itself, as infinite spirit. Forgetting it’s infiniteness, the sense of separation led to feelings of isolation which birthed this deep fear as not trusting.

Who you ARE already and have in truth always been, is this Infinite Loving Spirit.
There is nothing you have ‘to do’ in order to Be who you are. That of course would not make any sense.
Most of the struggle we experience in our day to day lives is no more than our mind’s unwillingness (or misunderstanding) to let go of all that we are NOT, which is everything except infinite Love and Light.
Feeding our minds continual doses of thoughts that make us feel separate from our infiniteness is the most heart-wrenching and most widespread of ‘dis-eases’ on the planet.
Being who you are (Infinite Love and Light), truly allowing and accepting it, is the only real ‘cure’.

If you fear anything, you fear yourself. (It is like god fearing god.)
When you trust yourself and in who you are, you know there is nothing to fear.
This is trusting the eternal YOU, your eternal loving essence, not as a thing or even an idea or thought, but as that infinite Love that you already are.

To fear ‘something’ or believe in fear or in the idea of ‘needing to be’ afraid, is to deny your truth as already Being infinite Love and to choose instead to believe in the concept or idea that you are separate from yourself, your true nature as infinite Love.

You are that which wishes to ‘heal’ itself. To essentially return HOME to Its own Truth.