Monday, July 9, 2007


Today is infinite. Always.
This leads to disillusionment.
What's on the next list of temptations?
Perspectives only.

If we but ask and allow no 'answer', we will begin to get a glimpse, of the infinite perspectives
that will guide our lives without reason. It will appear as if there is even no 'rhyme' as the saying goes, but there IS a rhythm, as natural as the sunrise, the flow of every river on earth, a cool breeze in springtime and the quiet atop the stillest mountain.

If we but allow uncertainty to steadily creep into our conscious thought process, we may find the grandest and gentlest of rhythms. That of infinite peace and silence. Grace. It takes patience and a willingness to BE with it, but it is there.

We can still choose our perspectives day by day, moment by moment. But with an open, joyous heart, we choose the infinite as well. We choose grace while choosing to live in the flow of our Truth of BEing Love and Light.

It's all perspective.