Sunday, December 2, 2012

Writing from the Heart

Given that we are One

and have always been so

My Heart in yours

and yours in Mine

can it be that in fact

we all dance the same dance

to the same music

whether it appears so

or not

Given that we are One

One Light, One Love

One beautiful exquisite expression

of uncertainty, prose and breath

of anguish, joy and silent stillness

can it be that in truth

we all love the same Love

in our own unique way

yet still as One


Peace and Blessings,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The "Gentle" gift

Poem and images by Elaine Bolduc

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by ebolduc

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Your SHIP has come in!

Your SHIP has come in! This is the moment you've been waiting for, and actually, YOU are the one you've been waiting for all along.

Following the guidance of Spirit, I recently wrote my own wedding vows, to myself, a sort of gesture of committing to my own inner wholeness. After a few days of wearing my new "wedding" ring to remind myself each day of my new promise to myself, I simplified the vows into three very simple things to remember as my commitment each day in my new "marriage". In a nutshell, my new commitment is to my own Spirit (my true self), remembering my own wHoleness, and to choosing my own Inner Peace. I personally think of my wholeness and inner peace as simply my natural state of being.
So now all I remind myself of each time I look at my ring is my own S.H.I.P. :

wHoleness and

In truth, we are the only ones responsible for our own SHIP. No one else can create or dwell in your SHIP let alone steer it and you certainly can't live in someone else's SHIP. Unfortunately many of us learned to "abandon our SHIP" at a very early age as a way to cope with life, or at least just to survive. Of course if we have abandoned our own SHIP, we spend most of our life searching for and reaching for life preservers, something to rescue us. Some clear "signs of shipwreck" (S.O.S.) are feelings of hopelessness or despair, chronic fatigue or illness (it takes a LOT of energy to tread water after abandoning our SHIP), or having no sense of direction or inspiration in life.
The good news is that once you make the commitment to your own SHIP, your Spirit, your wHoleness, and your own Inner Peace, accepting yourself just as you are in this moment, with no resistance to yourself or reaching outside yourself to find peace or a sense of wholeness, life seems to synchronistically sail a little smoother. So if you are still looking for your SHIP to come in, the good news is that your SHIP is only one promise away, to yourself.

For me, these vows are the best thing I can do for myself and my commitment each day fills me with such an empowering feeling of safety, freedom and joy. The other thing I found out by doing this is that by finally committing to my own spirit, wholeness and inner peace, I am also making a commitment to the One Infinite Spirit, wHoleness and Infinite Peace that guides our every moment and that made our 'SHIPs'. I guess you could call it the "Mother SHIP". (heh heh :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Welcome to Peaceful Inspirations

Journey of the Joyful Heart

I used to search for happiness
Thinking it could be found
For I had seen it in others
And they said that they had ‘found’ it

I no longer seek happiness
For I have been on a journey to the joyful heart

When I finally gave up my search for happiness
IT found me
Joy that is
My own Joyful Heart

Inspiration has been my guide on this journey
And as I follow it without question
The joy in my heart shows the way
Always beckoning me
“Look here! I found a beautiful sunset.
And over here, a golden eagle,
Wings spread wide in the clear open sky.
And here too,
The most eloquent of mountains
Mirrored perfectly in a still blue alpine lake,
Rimmed with crystal snow
And emerald firs”

The joy in my heart always knows the way
And that is all that matters
Through in-Spiration it draws me to myself
Forcing me to breathe in my own spirit
And dance to my own (joyful) heart-beat

The hidden angels of the valleys
And rivers and mountains
And of the moon and stars
Whisper to me
“This way”
“Just across the meadow”
“Not much further, and you will be rewarded”

And me, wanting one more breath of my own spirit
One more heart-beat of pure peaceful Joy
Am obliged to follow
Not really caring why or ‘for what’

So I no longer seek happiness
For I have found the journey,
the dance of the joyful heart
I have found Home

Beyond Words

No words, no thoughts,
No beliefs, no concepts,
No ideas of time or space
Are here in this moment
Of Being
No judgment or fear,
No movement or tears,
No struggle or strain,
No pain
Dis-illusionment sets in from here
There is nowhere else to go
Or Be

This beingness is always here
Only short-sightedness makes it
Appear as if it is not
Patterns of dis-illusionment are necessary now

Beyond healing, beyond growth,
Beyond even emotion or heaven,
Is all that IS beyond words.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Diamonds in the Rough"

I once heard a commercial with the following line:
“The precision of the cut is what brings out the greatest beauty of the diamond.”

We are all ‘diamonds in the rough’ if you will, allowing God/Spirit/Infinite Love to sculpt our lives and our spirits to bring out the greatest beauty that Infinite Love can express in each of us. What a wonderful thing to know that all of the things we think seem to take forever, and so we become impatient, are done that way so that the precision can be maintained, thus revealing our greatest beauty hidden within. This point of view can give Being present a whole new light for when we love ourselves and others enough to show up fully in our true Presence, we share the greatest gift of ALL. This beautifully sculpted Being.

Watching a documentary on how diamonds are formed in the earth and how, being the clearest and strongest element on the planet the only thing that can cut a diamond is another diamond, and thus shape it, I thought about the phrase ‘diamond in the rough’ and how there are many references to people as just that. Having heard the reference of crystals and ‘Christed being’, and being the curious kid I am, I looked up the word diamond in the dictionary to see where it came from or what it meant. The origin actually mentions that the word comes from the Greek term adamas (“a human being”). Yes, really. So of course this clears up my perceptions of ‘life on earth’ as each of us is here to help sculpt each other ‘with precision’ so that our greatest, clearest Being can be expressed. Having been blessed with learning and doing ‘subtle energy work’, I feel so grateful for each ‘diamond/spirit’ I work with, being well aware of the mutual and yet individual sculpting we are participating in.
All of our experiences help to shape us into a Being that reflects our true inner beauty, our true infinite Spirit, which is Love and Light.

Thanks to all of my fellow ‘diamonds in the rough’. You are truly beautiful in every way.