Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Welcome to Peaceful Inspirations

Journey of the Joyful Heart

I used to search for happiness
Thinking it could be found
For I had seen it in others
And they said that they had ‘found’ it

I no longer seek happiness
For I have been on a journey to the joyful heart

When I finally gave up my search for happiness
IT found me
Joy that is
My own Joyful Heart

Inspiration has been my guide on this journey
And as I follow it without question
The joy in my heart shows the way
Always beckoning me
“Look here! I found a beautiful sunset.
And over here, a golden eagle,
Wings spread wide in the clear open sky.
And here too,
The most eloquent of mountains
Mirrored perfectly in a still blue alpine lake,
Rimmed with crystal snow
And emerald firs”

The joy in my heart always knows the way
And that is all that matters
Through in-Spiration it draws me to myself
Forcing me to breathe in my own spirit
And dance to my own (joyful) heart-beat

The hidden angels of the valleys
And rivers and mountains
And of the moon and stars
Whisper to me
“This way”
“Just across the meadow”
“Not much further, and you will be rewarded”

And me, wanting one more breath of my own spirit
One more heart-beat of pure peaceful Joy
Am obliged to follow
Not really caring why or ‘for what’

So I no longer seek happiness
For I have found the journey,
the dance of the joyful heart
I have found Home

Beyond Words

No words, no thoughts,
No beliefs, no concepts,
No ideas of time or space
Are here in this moment
Of Being
No judgment or fear,
No movement or tears,
No struggle or strain,
No pain
Dis-illusionment sets in from here
There is nowhere else to go
Or Be

This beingness is always here
Only short-sightedness makes it
Appear as if it is not
Patterns of dis-illusionment are necessary now

Beyond healing, beyond growth,
Beyond even emotion or heaven,
Is all that IS beyond words.