Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Journey and Joy of Being

When the mind is allowed to be at peace and the heart is allowed to heal and open to its true state of joy, spirit flows easily through our lives, expressing ecstatically its true Being here. It may take some practice to quiet the mind, but if we can simply allow the silence and stillness for a bit, letting all mental debris float effortlessly to the surface and gently back into our natural flow, we find ourselves in a clearer state of true awareness than we've ever known. From this place of simply Being, we begin to remember our true selves, seeing that we are infinite Love and Light itself. Our 'journey' here is simply Being. Anything our spirit feels inspired to Be.

My spirit is here to help awaken the Light of peace within, so that you may begin to heal your heart and open it to the joyful essence that you truly are.



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