Friday, February 23, 2007

Welcome to the Peaceful Inspirations Blog

Welcome to the Peaceful Inspirations Blog.
My intention for this sharing of light and love is to help others remember their true light. As the owner of Peaceful Inspirations, it is my goal to help awaken the Light of Infinite peace, joy and love within all. As Infinite Spirit having a 'human experience', seeking to creatively express our light and creative genius and experience ourselves as that, we can choose our reality in each moment. This took a very long time for me to learn, but I am ever so thankful to all of the great spirits living today and past that have truly inspired so many to shine in their true magnificence. This is what we are all 'here' to do.

My normal canvas for helping others awaken is through nature. Specifically through Nature-guided Therapy, expressed in writing, singing, counseling and Being.

"If you want to know what True Infinite Love is and what it feels like, go to nature. Nature is an expression of true, pure Infinite Love. True Love, Pure Infinite Love, surrounds you, supports you, mirrors all of your beauty, allows to you grow, and engulfs you in unending peace and inspiration."
~ from "The Love of Nature and the Nature of Love" by Elaine Bolduc
(to be published 2007-2008)


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